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We’re updating our CMS from 1.8 to 3.0.4 this month.
Technically, our upgrading tests are OK, but though I’ve tried really a lot of things and read the features management explainations, it still is obscure and I don’t manage to do what I want concerning the rights/features of users.
Would anyone agree to help me ticking the right boxes according to what I would like to authorize?
Thank you !

Hi, Feature access in v3 is far easier to manage and understand. By using a combination of Feature and Share access options you can control what a User can access and the level of interaction.

Each Feature contains a Feature Set which when expanded will give a detailed list of options which can be enabled/disabled for Users/User Groups which is much clearer than the Permissions model in earlier versions.

Share options are applied to User objects and allow for View/Edit/Delete access to be set for Users and User Groups.

There are also pre-configured User Groups which have all the necessary Feature access already applied to fulfill the described role.

We also have an online training course which covers User/User Group creation and the setting of Feature access and Share options along with the benefits of using Folders, which you can enroll to here: Creating Users for the Xibo CMS | Xibo Signage Training

If you find that you are still having difficulty in setting the appropriate access, then please do post here to ask for Community support.

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