"Retired" for video

I can’t find in documentation Xibo any description “Retired” status for media files.

  1. How for video appears status “Retired”?

  2. How I can disable the possibility “Retired” status for video?

  3. How I can remove status “Retired” for video in library?

This status it is an obstacle. If video present in the library, I always want to be able use it to layout.
Currently, when video have status “Retired”, then is not available for assignment in layout timeline.

ps: I use Xibo 1.7.6

So when you click ‘delete’ on a media item (like video) that is assigned to layouts, you will not be able to actually delete it (at first) - you will be able to either retire it or unassign from layouts.
Another delete attempt will actually delete it from CMS library.

In 1.8 it will/is more user friendly and can be done in just one step

When you retire a media file, it is still in the library, it can’t be assigned to new layouts, but will still be displayed in the layouts that it was assigned to.

In the current version, you can’t really take that (retire) action back - in 1.8 you can.

So for now in current 1.7 series, you will want to re-upload that video file to assign it to a new layouts.
If you no longer have it, you can download it from the CMS (the retired file).

If you’re concerned about library storage, you can delete your retired file from the library - then remember to assign ‘new’ video file to all layouts you want it to be (ie not only new layouts, but also layouts that your retired video was assigned to)