Retire Fuction Problem

I retired a layout and I filtered layouts by retire=yes.I can see retired layout but I go to
retired layout -> Schedule now -> Layout menu, I can’t see retired layout in layouts so I can’t schedule it.
Only I can see and copy it. And with retired layout -> Design menu, I can add new media but new media isn’t viwed on layout. Also retired layout is retired again.

Why would you retire layout if you intend to schedule it?
It does what it should retired layouts cannot be scheduled, they can be changed though ie you can add/delete media on them.
If you added lets say new region with new image it will be there, if you added new image to existing region it will also be there (you might need to refresh it, but that’s all)

That’s not the problem, the problem is that you should be able to revert retire action, currently it’s not working.
It should be fixed in 1.7.5 and it’s also working in 1.8.
For now please be careful with this option.