REST API does not retrieve correct IDs of widgets


we are currently experiencing a problem, in which the REST API does not retrieve the correct widget IDs.
This means that if I check the widget ID through the HTML Inspector in FireFox, I am able to get the correct ID. On the other hand if I perform the get call via the REST API I am getting a other ID for the exact same widget.
This only seems to occure when the layout is in draft mode, which means that if the layout is published
I am able to retrieve the correct widget ID via an API call.
Publish Mode: HTML Inspector Value (correct) - API Value (correct) (Both are equal)
Draft Mode: HTML Inspector Value (correct) - API Value (false) (not equal)
The ID retrieved in draft mode from the API is useless and will not work with any other call trying to edit the widget, while the one retrieved via HTML Inspector will work just fine.

Well…the behavior described above seems to be expected.
This means that there are layouts (childlayouts) that are now shown in the Xibo webGUI. Furthermore all layouts shown by the webGUI are so called parentlayouts.
Theire childlayouts can be queried with the parentId parameter when calling /api/layout.
This way the editable layout should be returned.
This whole thing seems not well documented and it should be noted, that this one possible reason why people are seeing

{ error: 
   { message: 'This Layout is not a Draft, please checkout.',
     code: 422,
     data: { property: 'layoutId' } } }

even though theire layout in the webGUI is in draft mode. The layout is in draftmode, but it is not the editable one.
Keep in mind that this only happens when the layout in the webGUI is in draft mode. If the layout is published there is no childlayout.