Resolution, enlarge designer in xibo 1.8.1

Hi There,

i’m despairing of the resolutions or rather to enable the designer to Region Drag and drop for a 3840X2160 Resolution.
If I use the large resolution I get this message:
“This Layout is very large, So we have disabled Region Drag and drop”

I found this way in the community:

  • click option, select enlarge designer few times (probably 4-5 times) to make this message disappear and to
    (this is just for Xibo 1.7 or older…)

BUT: How is the way in Xibo 1.8.1?
I can’t find a way to enlarge the designer …

I hope you can help me

Thanks a lot

In 1.8.1 it’s here:

no it’s shown grayed out…

“You could enlarge the designer from the Options menu” … → where?

You should be able to click on the zoom button that I’ve highlighted in my previous post to enlarge the designer.

Does nothing happens when you do that?