Reselling Xibo?

I’m sure you get this question all the time, and I apologize for being yet another one in the long string. I reviewed the usage terms (, the piece about becoming a Distributor (, and performed various searches against the community (, but could not find a direct and clear answer.

We have been running an on-premise Xibo CMS for nearly two years and have deployed nearly 40 players to locations in our service area, advertising our beverage products mostly in convenience stores. So far we have absorbed all the costs for such signage.

Last week we were approached by a food distributor that also has product in the same convenience channel, asking if they could pay us to install and manage players/content for them -which would essentially turn us into a reseller of Xibo services.

Does the Xibo license allow us to sell it (could be a rental fee for equipment, could be a maintenance fee to have the service run, could be a setup and update fee to manage the content, etc.)? Can I simply start charging someone a fee to provide digital content? Or do we need to become an official Distributor? If we need to become a Distributor, is there a window where we can run as a proof-of-concept to determine whether reselling would work for us and for the prospective customer?

The Open Source elements of the software are free and cannot be sold, but can charge for value added services such as installation, support, design services etc, which is covered by the AGPLv3 licence. You would not need a reseller agreement with Xibo Signage to do this.

If you wish to resell any of our commercial products, such as Xibo for Android / webOS licenses or take advantage of our hosting services etc, then you would need to apply to our Distributor programme.

We would be happy to discuss your requirements further and explain in detail what options are open to you. Please do contact us by emailing

Thank you

Thank you Natasha, I will do that right now.

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