Reporting Data for User and Content


We already follow and implement your start from Xibo 1.4 till 1.7.4
but there is something we still curious on your feature Xibo CMS feature,

Where we can find any report about user get log-in and modify or any activity at CMS ?
Cause any submenu below Advanced menu like Logs, Sessions, Audit Trail, etc
we cannot find any thing that represent for kind of this report.

Could we get some report about content ?,
Such as how long and whats time content name it X have playing for each display/player ?

We needs for all those reports because we would like monitoring
and make the report to our management based on Xibo CMS data we have implement

Thank you


For tracking user activity and changes in CMS(regarding displays,schedule etc) you will want to look at logs and audit trail (you might need to enable debugging on report fault page first)

As for statistics, proof of play, well that kind of information can be found on Statistics page (below displays menu).
There you can adjust date, filter it by specific device or media file.