Replacing feature is broken?


I’m facing this tedious issue when I replace a media item (usually an image, but I dont’ exclude that it affects other media type).
Sometimes when I replace a media I have:

  1. delay of replacing (1-2 hours)


  1. Xibo stop working at all (the clients stop working and show the desktop)

To fix this issue I delete the assigned media from all layouts then I delete it from media library, then I re-add it from scratch.

Sometimes I notice that deleting the media from media library I can see the “previous” version listed, so I have to delete it but… I see again an older version and so on.
I have to delete almost 5-6 previous versions of the media to clean definitively it and solve the issue.

Xibo CMS 1.8.1 docker edition
Xibo clients Windows 1.8.1

Are you using API or web ui to replace the media?

When replacing, do you have those two checkboxes enabled ie ‘Delete the old version?’ and ‘Update this media in all layouts it is assigned to?’ ?

After replacing is the image replaced on the layout? (if you open it in the layout designer)

Could you perhaps show us a screenshot of status window on your device when you’ve replaced an image that it suppose to display and that the display is logged in and up-to date in CMS please?

  1. I use the standard Xibo web ui

  2. yes on both, the two checkboxes are flagged by default and usually I dont’ change them

  3. yes, I can see the new image in the layout designer

  4. please provide all the steps I have to follow, status windows what ? Thank you.

Press ‘i’ on your keyboard while Xibo for Windows has focus to show the status information.

It could also be that you have some really long durations on your layout and that new image will be updated after the layout reloads (after the region with the longest duration end).

Alternatively your display have some issues with connection to the CMS or downloading the file etc

In this case no issues, but sometimes the client stop working.


I have noticed that if I replaced another media at same time (for example, a video), the both media will be pushed quickly to clients.


Still have issue using replacing feature… the replace task takes HOURS to complete.
If I remove the media and add an update one the task end in minutes.

There are some tests to do to sort out this issue ?
It’s EXTREMELY frustrating.

To clarify, does it HOURS to replace the media in CMS or for the media to appear on the player?

When you make the change (replace) does the status of your display change to ‘cloud’ ie ‘display is out of date, but has not yet checked in with the server’ - that should happen.

Then after next collection interval it should change the status to X ie downloading files and then to checkmark once it’s done.

If you look at the manage page for your display the new added image id should be there as well.

Hours for the media to appear on the player.
When I make the change the status of the display DO NOT change to ‘cloud’ immediately, the change is immediate if I remove the media and upload the new one, using the replacing feature it doesn’t show the cloud icon (or it shows after a long time).
Same story for the X icon.

When I replace a media, every time I see the “gears” icon in the layout page for minutes.


Today I have replaced an image as usual, results:

  • the image seems not be uploaded at all, library preview of the image is the old one but if I download the resource I get the correct one (weird !)

  • after 10 mins all clients stop working

To fix, as usual, I have removed the image from all layouts, delete it from library and add the new one.

Log is empty, no errors recorded.

I insist, the replacing feature has problems.