Repeats: What am i missing

Hi guys,
can someone please give me a sample of repeats?

I have a layout with 1.21 minutes and i want to display this layout once in an hour.

I have set the schedule as following,
Start: 04.10.2017 15:00:00
End: 04.10.2017 15:01:21


And it does nothing, the layout is not showing :frowning:

That looks ok, it should start every hour and last for the layout duration, I assume on schedule page the events are created like that? (assuming that until date on repeat is also set to something reasonable).

If you look at the agenda view on schedule page, set to the time in which this layout should run and obviosuly with correct display selected does it shows it there?

Are there other events scheduled to run in the same timeframe?
If so you might want to schedule this event with priority

Agenda shows all correct.
there are other layouts which are scheduled without priority, i will set priority for this one and see if it helps.

Thanks Peter! :smile: