Repeat specified blocks of days of the week?

I’ve just started evaluating v1.7 and an enhancement request that I submitted (probably long-ago archived) way back when we used v1.2 does not appear to be on the radar… unless my lack of knowledge of v1.7 after only a few days of use is getting in my way.

Way back then, I explained that I work in a school that operates, in general Mon - Fri. So, with very few exceptions such as annual Open Day (usually held on a Sunday) or out-of-hours weekend activities, our displays follow Mon-Fri and, in general, should be blank on weekends. In addition, some recurring displays should be shown just on (for instance) Mon-Wed.

So I’d like to be able to schedule recurring schedules for, say, “every monday and friday” for the next 5 years or “every weekday for the next 5 years”. In our current production environment at present (under v1.6.x) I have to make up 5 schedules if I wish to do the second of these options and two if I am to set up the former.

It was suggested way back when I initially asked for this facility that I could schedule permanently recurring schedules as “every day for 5 years” and then schedule (with priority) a blank screen for weekends and after hours. However with our model, this is impractical. Perhaps if there were 2 levels of “priority” we could do it (ie. “no priority” for recurring schedules, “priority 1” for blank screen and priority 2 for weekends)… this might work.

Due to the large number of schools using Xibo, I’m surprised that this facility has not been included. If it’s already there in v1.7 and I’ve missed it, I apologise for taking up your time with such a wordy request. Thanks

Sorry, it hasn’t been implemented.

We always try to implement what seems to be more pressing - but that was hard to determine in the old Launchpad system.

On here we hope to collect as much user feedback as possible and use the features category to put things on the roadmap. Once on the roadmap it will be implemented.

I understand the requirement - you want to schedule a layout and select the days of the week it should repeat on and for how long.

Yes, that’s correct. Thanks for your reply

I would also like to have this implemented as well as it will help me schedule specific items that occur every Monday for X number of weeks, etc…

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+1 for this. Would be very useful in a school / college environment.

This would be an essential feature for me as i have a Mon / Tue / Wed Menu and another menu for the rest of the week

Although cumbersome, you can already achieve this with 7 events, one for each day, repeating weekly… although this certainly doesn’t mean we have discarded this request

This has been implemented in the forthcoming 1.8.0-rc1 release.

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