Repeat Schedule Every 5 Min

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@alex I am trying to use the event repeats, and I noticed a few things. But first, here is what I am trying to accomplish:

I have a schedule for a display group and it is set to run all the time. The schedule plays a 1min video over and over again. All my displays are part of this “base” group, so they all get this content. However, I want to be able to play a different 1min layout every 5 min. Also, the layout would be different for different groups of displays. I have 20 “subgroups” of displays that each would have a different layout that we want to play every 5 mins for 1 min.

So it would look like this.
Minute 0 - Base Schedule
Minute 1 - Base Schedule
Minute 2 - Base Schedule
Minute 3 - Base Schedule
Minute 4 - Other Layout Schedule
Minute 5 - Base Schedule
Minute 6 - Base Schedule
Minute 7 - Base Schedule
Minute 8 - Base Schedule
Minute 9 - Other Layout Schedule

and continueing.

The goal is to play different content 20% of the time.

Now I know you might think why would I not just create different layouts that fit this, but the issue with that is the “base” schedule is content that we are pulling from a feed via the API. So it changes every time it pulls an image and is current setup to create a layout and schedule every minute for a duration of 1 min. I need to technically overwrite this base feed 20% of the time to throw non feed content in the mix.

What I noticed is when you create a schedule from say May 8th 00:04 to May 8th 00:05 and repeat it daily, then every day on the schedule shows the original date of May 8. Why doesn’t it adjust the date for each day? I would expect the one it creates on May 9th to be from May 9 00:04 to May 9 00:05 and so forth.

Any thoughts or feedback on this would be extremely helpful.


Personally, if you’re doing this programatically with the API, then I would avoid trying to handle this in the scheduler.

Instead, make a campaign, which is always scheduled, which has in it


It will then play those in rotation as you want, with a single schedule.

How would I create that when the new content creates a new layout each time? If I was using the same layout then none of this would be a question, but because my API integration creates a new layout every minute and schedules that on my base group, then I don’t have a way of creating a campaign with a fixed layout.

Thank you for your help with this.


When it creates the new layout, it also adds it to the appropriate campaign, again, via the API. That way your API integration doesn’t have to touch scheduling at all.