Repeat layout each X layouts

Is there a way to schedule a layout to run each 4 layouts played?

I am not entirely sure if I know what you mean, could you perhaps give us more details?

You can have a campaign (grouped layouts but 1 event in the schedule) with 4 layouts and they will play in order, although as I said I am not sure what do you want to achieve :smile:


If I had 20 common layouts and 1 special layout.

All of them scheduled normally, without campaigns.

The condition of this specific layout is be played after 4 layouts played. Even if I add more 20 layouts on the schedule, it will maintain this condition, with no needs to reorder or reschedule this special layout.

Layout, layout, layout, layout, SPECIAL!, and so on…

First, I was trying to use the Recurring Events by minute. But I didn’t get how this works when recurrence is by Minutes.