Remove permissions column from Media, Layouts, etc

I would like the ability to remove the permissions column from multiple views, but this request will focus on the media view under Library.

I created a new user ‘JD’ of the user type ‘user’ who only has access to Media, Layouts and Schedule. JD uploads an image ‘sexy girl’ to his library then edits the permissions. JD gives view permissions to the user group ‘Catholic Hospital’, JD belongs to the group ‘Sacred Heart Hospital’. A user from the ‘Catholic Hospital’ now has the ‘sexy girl’ image in their library but not the ability to delete it.

A similar feature was requested and granted, here

I would like the ability to remove the column ‘permissions’.
I would also like the ability to remove ‘permissions’ from the drop down on menu.

I would prefer that the permissions of media are only to be modified by users who are ‘Group Admin’ or ‘Super Admin’.
Any assistance you can provide, would be helpful.

I have also written some documentation for our hospital clients. I would like to share it with the community, do you have a location or format for such tutorials?