Remove media from region timeline fails, no error

Hello. I have a layout that has a region timeline that includes a few videos. We are trying to remove one of the videos from the timeline on one region only.We click Delete, select “Unassign from This Region Only”, and then click “Yes” - then nothing happens. A little gear spins beside the word “Yes” but nothing happens after that. Chrome developer tools shows a 500 error, but I don’t see anything logged.

The 500 error is from this URL: “http://(server IP)/index.php?p=module&mod=video&q=Exec&method=DeleteMedia&ajax=true”

the form data it is sending is as follows: “mediaid=1553&lkid=4259267&layoutid=235&regionid=50424358756536ff4e993f&options=unassign”

I was able to clone the layout and remove the media from the cloned region, but have had to do this numerous times.

What version of Xibo is this on please?

Originally saw the error on 1.7.5. Updated to 1.7.6. this morning and the error remains.

If you create a new layout add some media and then remove it, does the same error occur?

No, I just tried with a new layout adding the same media and I can remove it as normal. I’m logged in as a superadmin user so I should have permissions on everything. I enabled logging, test mode, etc. but nothing seems to be logged when this happens.

Is the layout old. I recall some issues a long time ago with copied layouts not always copying the references to media items over. It may be that if it’s an old layout the references to it in the database are “broken” and it won’t ever work right.

If that’s the case, exporting it and importing it again should give you a clean layout to work from