Remote Updating Android Requires Manual Reboot

When remotely upgrading Android Clients from version r53 to r54 everything goes fine for the most part. We have noticed that the client will not re-authenticate with the CMS correctly after the upgrade. After 24 hours it will either exit to the desktop, or it will show only black screen with Xibo logo. If we reboot the client all is well again.

Any ideas?

In our experience it should make an upgrade, restart app and continue playing.
We would need to see what’s on the status screen after the upgrade to understand why it’s not connecting properly.

Will see what I can do and post back when I get an example in the field

Ok, I finally updated one of the clients.

A few things went wrong.

  1. When it got the update, It needed me to Grant Super User status to the update or it would not install. Is there anyway around this? Is it a firmware or android settings thing?

  2. After the update the screen was just black with the Spring Signage and Xibo logo in the corner.

  3. It did not resume playback until manually closing and reopening xibo.

Unfortunately, I hit the wrong button to get the screen shot of the status screen, so nothing there. I will see about updating another when I have some more time.

Hi Colin,

  1. Perhaps this thingy ?
    SU should remember your settings for Xibo app, which I assume are set to granted access indefinitely or similar.

  2. and 3. Well it tried and apparently failed, we would need to see that status screen otherwise it’s hard to say anything really. So we will wait for it :smile: