Remote DataSets not updating automatically


My remote datasets does not updating automatically with the task Fetch Remote DataSets, it’s only changed when I edit a layout.

This is my log:

Running Task 6
Running Task Fetch Remote DataSets [6]
Checking permissions against the logged in user: ID: 0, Name: system, UserType: 1
Order of processing: ["1 - "]
Processing Dataset. ID:1
Skipping dataSet 1 due to it not being accessed recently
Finished Task Fetch Remote DataSets [6] Run Dt: 

Why there is Skipping dataSet 1 due to it not being accessed recently if the remote json is changed?

And why when I change any layout the dataset is updated?


Datasets will only be synced in to the CMS if they’re in use on a layout that is scheduled to a display currently.

That’s because there’s no need to sync a dataset when there’s no Players using it - since that output isn’t being shown.


I have exact the same problem. But I have a layout in use ALWAYS.
But I get the same log entry: due to it not being accessed recently

How to debug further?

EDIT: Where can I lokkup the last accessed value? How is it updated?


Anyone? STill the same issue.


Hello, i had the same problem and could’t figureout so i have created script that fills dataset it self on database of xibo install…

I think that this is bug related, sometimes works sometimes nothing…