Remote csv separator


I’m working on remote datasets and I’ve a problem with my external datasource.

I whant to use French govenement data but unfortuanaly there are only provided on a semicolon separated csv file. (ex : )

I’m on CMS 3.0.0 and I did not find where to specify the seperator ?

Thank you for your help.


Hi, you will need to open it in Excel or Google Docs etc where you can then specify different delimiters.
Export with comma delimiters to be able to export into Xibo.

Hello Natasha,

I know but the goal is to have something completely automatic.
I just want Xibo get the file online every hour and format it itself.

The files are Frech government files, I cannot edit them at source :wink:


Hi Julien

I have spoken with the dev team who agree that having the ability to select different separators would be an advantage and have therefore created the following enhancement:

Hi Natasha,

Good news, thank you !


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