Releases and Software Versions

The average end user doesn't care about software versions, but they do care how fast they get bugs fixed and new features provided, and for us developers, this means releases. So, lets talk about releases!

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What is the timeline for V2? I was just about to order 7 - 10 android licenses, but am now wondering if I should hold out and wait for this next version?

We do not have a specific date yet - it will be a major release and likely have a number of alpha/beta releases - i’d expect the first alpha in a few months, with a full release toward the end of the year.

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Xibo has always impressed me. It’s great you’re already disciplined with release management, and I hope this new release model makes things that much better for your team and for customers. Keep up the outstanding work!! And… thank you.


Thanks for the update Dan.

I know its hard to say, but any idea what the ballpark upgrade costs will be for Android players? I’m currently testing for a startup and not sure to hold off to buy licenses (10-20) for v2, or buy 1.8 at 15GBP, then upgrade cost (if reasonable).

Chyeers mate

At present we will use the same pricing model as for the 1.7 to 1.8 upgrade, which is £4 per licence. However I should stress that this is not a short term target - there will be at least 3 alpha releases and a bunch of beta testing before anything is available as a “2.0.0” release.


One more questions for version 2.
Will it still support Android 5?

We’ve no plans to discontinue support for Android 5 (in fact we support 4.4 onward). Should any of the new functionality require a later version of android, then these plans might change, but it is too early to say.

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