Release 1.9 roadmap?


Hi all,

My apologies if this is published somewhere - I did search before asking here.

Is there a best-guess ETA for the 1.9 release? We’re eagerly awaiting an Ubuntu client. Android’s remote support capabilities are not ideal and Windows is… well Windows.

Thanks in advance, and thanks VERY much for everything you do! We continue to be impressed and delighted with Xibo.



There are no dates set in stone for 1.9 release or the Linux player yet.

We’ve started working on 1.9 release, ubuntu player is in early development as well, but it’s too early to say with confidence when we will release it.

We will want to share early alpha/beta stages of the CMS and players (including Linux player) with the Xibo community, once we’ve have a version that will be available for testing there will be announcements made on this very site, our blog and social media.

You can also look at the GitHub for 1.9.0-alpha, there is no release date set there, but once we start making commits etc progress on the release will be available there as well.


Hey Peter,

Just wanted to see if there have been any advancements towards the development of 1.9 that are not yet reflected on the blog or the GitHub repo?




It will be 2.0.0 -
Version in GitHub will be adjusted to reflect that as well.

There was some progress made, we’re working on various new features and enhancements that we want to have in the next major release, it is however too early for us to share even any very early build with Xibo community - we will definitely do that once we have a version that shows certain new features etc and is suitable for early testing by the community.

In any case the work on new major release is going well, we’re also looking into issues/enhancements for 1.8 series at the moment, as there are couple of those in 1.8.8. milestone still to do.