Regular maintenance turns of players via WOL

I’ve ssh-ed in the folder and the file seems ok with those 2 added lines.
What worries me is that now owner of that file is “root”, and not apache as in other files. Also, file permissions are changed. I’ve tried to change owner and permissions, but it won’t change it at all.

Nevermind the permissions, it works now, dunno what went wrong. I actually restored the Xibo installation prior to installing the modified Display.php and repeat the whole thing, it works now. The task now says proper times:

Wake On LAN

  • XIBO-PU Display already awake. Previous WOL send time: 2018-02-23 12:57:00
  • XIBO-RK Sleeping
  • XIBO-RP Sleeping
  • XIBO-SM Sleeping
  • XIBO-UZ Sleeping
  • Done

Thank you so much for your time and fast response. I’ve marked the topic solved.

Thank you for the feedback - i’m really pleased we were able to get that working (and to have you confirm)!

Happy Xiboing :smiley: