Regular Accounts unable to Schedule Layouts

System - Self-hosted Docker Install, Clients Android.

Was running CMS 1.8.9; and was working well. Upgraded to 1.8.10 a few weeks back, but nothing needed to be changed until today, when the problem was discovered. After seeing today’s release of 1.8.11, completed that upgrade, issue still present.

Situation - we have one administrator account, and then a few other non-administrator accounts that should be able to edit/update/schedule layouts. When logged in as the administrator account, I’m able to schedule layouts from the scheduling calendar as I was before. However, when logged in as one of the non-admin user accounts, after selecting: Event Type: Campaign/Layout Display: Choosing two displays Dayparting: Custom Start Time: Given Date and Time End Time:: Given Date and Time Layout/Campaign - shows: “No results found.”

When I’m logged in as the admin user - that field populates with all the layouts as it did before, and I’m able to schedule layouts as I should. But when logged in as one of the user accounts, even the layouts created and owned by that user aren’t showing up. If the non-admin user (named: Manager) goes to the Layouts screen, they can see all the existing layouts and edit the ones they should be able to. Permissions for the layouts are generally set as Everyone: View and Edit; Manager: View, Edit and Delete As members of the “Users” group, the Non-admin users have access to the following under Page Security: Clock, Dashboard, Displays, Home, Layout, Library, Media Dashboard, Playlist, Preview, Regions, Schedule, Status Dashboard, Users

No changes to the permission settings were changed between what worked under 1.8.9 and the current situation.

Since the layouts are still there and I can schedule them as the admin user - is there some additional permission setting I’m missing to be able to allow the non-admin users to do the scheduling of the layouts under CMS 1.8.11?

Thanks, -Eric

Thanks for your report. The issue you describe has already been recorded here:

It’s currently scheduled for fix in 1.8.12. In the interim, you can give your standard users access to the Display Group and Campaigns pages, and they will be able to schedule as expected.

Hi Alex - many thanks, that does indeed seem to work. Will check back in if the users report any additional problems. -Eric

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