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When I use the full screen option for video there is one region that stays visible and so is on top of the full screen video. Please advise.

Hi AntoineNC, welcome to the community!

I would be happy to take a look at your layout and see what is causing the issue. Could you provide a exported copy of the layout, either in a private message or in a reply to the message?

Please could you also confirm the CMS Version you are using?

If you are not able to provide an exported copy of your layout, I would first recommend checking the layer setting for the region containing the video and comparing that to the layer setting for the region that contains the web content that is appearing on top of the video. If the layer number for the video region is lower than the other region that appears on top, could you reduce the layer value for the problem region and republish the layout, to see if the issue persists?

Many Thanks.

Daniel, thank you for your reply. We use CMS 2.3.1. I can not send you an exported copy.
I’ve checked the layers and the main window which I want to show full screen is on layer 1. The region which shows on top is on layer 3, so I think that should be the right order?

Thank you for providing the image explaining the layers set for each region. Please note that the highest layer value will appear above all other content. With this in mind, you would expect to see the region with layer 3 appear above all other regions in your layout, which are set to lower layers.

If you do not want that region to appear on top of your full screen region, you will need to set it to a lower layer value than that region.

Many Thanks.

Daniel, changing the region marked with an X from layer 3 to layer 0 is the solution!
Thank you for your advise.

Best regards from Holland. :+1:

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