Region info missing from Get Layout response

I’m testing the APIs for integration with our custom application. One of the simple tests was to be able to access the details on widgets (and playlist) assigned to different regions in a specific layout. I’m using the following request in our trial environment:

GET /api/layout/status/{layoutId}

However the return response does not contain the region details

“layoutId”: 46,
“ownerId”: 4,
“campaignId”: 16,
“parentId”: null,
“publishedStatusId”: 1,
“publishedStatus”: “Published”,
“publishedDate”: null,
“backgroundImageId”: null,
“schemaVersion”: 3,
“layout”: “FMTV Test 2”,
“description”: “”,
“backgroundColor”: “#000”,
“createdDt”: “2022-04-01T20:40:42.000000Z”,
“modifiedDt”: “2022-04-01T20:45:22.000000Z”,
“status”: 1,
“retired”: 0,
“backgroundzIndex”: 0,
“width”: 1920,
“height”: 1080,
“orientation”: “landscape”,
“displayOrder”: null,
“duration”: 119,
“statusMessage”: null,
“enableStat”: 0,
“autoApplyTransitions”: 0,
“code”: null,
"regions": [],
“tags”: null,
“drawers”: [],
“actions”: [],
“permissions”: [],
“campaigns”: [],
“owner”: “fuelmediatv”,
“groupsWithPermissions”: null,
“folderId”: 1,
“permissionsFolderId”: 1,
“isLocked”: {
“layoutId”: 46,
“userId”: 4,
“entryPoint”: “web”,
“expires”: “2022-04-01 16:50:20”,
“lockedUser”: false

Does anyone know how to obtain region details for layouts via the API and specifically the playlist info? When I create a layout with regions and a playlist with a POST LAYOUT request, the return response contains the region/playlist details.

However, the question is how do I obtain this same information with a GET request for an existing layout? The GET LAYOUT STATUS request above does not return this info and there is no option for including the regionId in the request. Surely, this info is available via the APIs and I suspect it is simply missing from the documentation (as is DELELE PLAYLIST).

Any insight would be much appreciated.