Region block other region

I have set a clock but i can’t display it because the weather is on top. How can i change which region is on top?

Overlapping regions will not work on Windows client, you will want to move the regions in layout designer to not be on top of each other.

I thought this was possible. My ticker does overlap an image I have (only the white area). Ok I’ll move the regions on the layout designer. You think we could have in a future a weather design with only the future days? This would save the huge space that the big circle takes I think.

Overlapping regions would be a nice new feature.
This would make designing go a lot smoother.

With 1.8 our goal is to have cross platform player (Windows/linux) so current Windows client will probably go through major overhaul, we don’t have any specific information yet :wink:

Hi Petter, Dan !

  When designing the layout, I also discovered the same thing. Region created after always overwrite previous region. That is true to what I wanted. When checking the preview layout, all show that no matter what. But the layout displayed on the client, the region created after always being on top by region created earlier. It was the opposite compared to the display on the preview layout. I tried to overcome by testing css formatting on the layout, but has yet to find solutions.

 Hopefully everything will be better!