Rebuild after crash

Hi There,

We had a server crash and have to rebuild it from scratch.
We ran release 1.7.8.

Can I install 1.8 and import the sql DB from my backup?
Or do I need to install 1.7.8 first.

Is there a step by step for a restore of Xibo?

Does the new 1.8.2 CMS will run on docker or not?

In any case, you’d do an upgrade either with ‘switch to docker’ or upgrade manual

Assuming that you have your database and settings.php backups ready.

I had a look at the Docker install but run into som issue with the firewall.
I can do all the installation steps but in the it wont start.

I think best to go back to 1.7.8. and do the upgrade later.

Can’find the old manual for a fresh install though.
Do you have a link to that?

It’s pretty much this
minus XMR/XTR and environment changes mentioned (document root / url rewriting)

Thanks Peter,

Got everything up and running again.
Just one strange thing.
I could not enter the admin account in the CMS. For that i had to do a reset the password in the sql database for the Admin user first.

Out of curiosity.
Is that a designed behavior?

Got one more question.
We did checksum tests on the restored files and found errors.
But zooming into the files we discovered some of the files are not present in the DataBase.
Is the media not deleted if you delete it in the CMS?

Is there a way to cleanup the Library? Media in the DB vs the Library?