Re-install display

Hi There,

I recently had a crash of a Android client.
To get it running again I had to re-install the the Firmware and subsequently the Android Client.
I had expected that the Server would recognize the client based on the Mac address but this was not the case.
So I had to re-connect the display and re-license it to get it working again.
Is this ‘works as designed’?

Yes. The connection to the CMS is based upon the unique identifier for that device which is shown in the Player settings screen.

You could copy that from your old device to your new one if you wanted to avoid having to set things up again.

That ID is generated when the app is first installed. Reinstalling the firmware has probably made enough changes to cause that ID to differ from before. It does vary from manufacturer to manufacturer as to what is reset when you reinstall their firmware.

Do you mean the ‘hardware Key’ under the Settings menu?
Problem is that the reinstall of the firmware causes blank factory reset on the Minix X7

So everything is gone.
So the Key is lost as well

Or is the Key visible somewhere in the CMS as well?

It is, Displays page -> edit display -> Display’s Hardware Key

Sorry :slight_smile:

To obvious, read over it.
So that I could enter into the device again of a firmware update has to be performed.


Just had to do another upgrade of an existing client
After install I changed the display key on the client to the key present in the CMS.
I can see in the client that it has adopted the name of the Display that was present in the CMS.
But I can not activate the License.

Do need to create a new License Key now?
We use OnPremise License?

If the device has changed it’s MAC address (which is possible over a factor reset) then you will need to generate a new licence request file, and get a new signed response file for your CMS to have it licence.

You will need to remove the old version of the licence for that device from Customer Portal before importing your request.txt