Randomise Playlist Setting

Hello forum!

I’m interested in upgrading my 1.8 android clients(almost 40 clients).

I found out that 2.0 has playlist function that supports to play sequentially and randomly.
however this is what i need.

I’d like to make 100 movie clips in one playlist assigned to “A” layout
“A” layout must show only one random clip of 100 movie clips every time when “A” layout shows.
so I don’t need to replace movie clip everyday manually…

is it possible with CMS 2.0? if so, I will gladly purchase all upgrades without no hesitation!

Thank you.

Playlist functionality does have arrangement options but at present does not have a ‘Random’ setting within those options.

I do think that this would be a beneficial feature to have for other users and so have moved this topic to our Features category for further consideration by our development team.

Thank you