Random layout showing up on displays



I have a strange problem with my Xibo setup.

I have a display where layout ID’s 35 and 101 are the only ones being scheduled to run. they run in a daypart from 06:00 - 18:00.

I started to get reports from people that the wrong content was playing where it shouldn’t. To begin with, I just thought it was customers being customers. But after i checked Proof of Play I can see layout ID 102 has been running on this display, and on 43 other displays that it should not be running on. Somehow layout ID 102 is showing on these displays, and it’s not supposed to.

I have checked the default layouts, display groups, campaigns, the status dialogue on the players - everything and it’s not listed as scheduled anywhere. I am losing my mind here. Is this a bug in the system? If it is, its a serious one.

Layout 35 is scheduled as a Campaign
Layout 101 is scheduled to a Display group

Problem started on Dec. 1 when layout 101 was scheduled to run.

Some info about our setup:
Xibo CMS Version 1.8.9 Docker - running with external DB
Android DSCS9 - Xibo R108 (i know it says Win10 in the picture, but it’s actually Android)


Thank you for the Proof of Play screenshot. Please provide a screenshot of the Status Page from your Android Player.

If you select the Schedule option in your CMS, click on the field named Select Displays and select the Duedal-Skov Display (and any other Display Groups that it is a part of), all scheduled Events will appear on the Calendar. Can you confirm that only the Events you would like to show are scheduled for the Display?

Many Thanks.


Hi Dan

Only the events I want on the display is currently showing when viewing the Schedule page. I have tried all possible combinations.


Can you provide a screenshot of the Agenda for that Display please?

Many Thanks.