Quota for sepecific User or group?

I setup some users and groups on my CMS.
I also set Quota for specific groups.
Then i use a user of that group to login to CMS and see that the Quota for Whole user and group.
How can i view only the quota statistic for the user or group who logging in ?
And how to show only number of user and Library Usage of that user or group ?

I dont want to expose all information of my customer using a shared CMS server


Where possible those values are based on permissions - and the library size based on the library quota for that specific user (if one is set).

Hi Dan,
I set Quota for this user (200MB) not 666,6M like that.
Could you please tell me a little bit about permission ? What cause this result ?


Sorry, my mistake… 1.7 release uses the global library quote - 1.8 release uses the user specific quota. You could revert your users onto a different dashboard until 1.8 is ready?

It is probably worth mentioning that a shared CMS is not recommended (certainly not in 1.7)