Quick Start for Newbies

Hi All,

Just signed up, looking for a signage solution. I’m basically looking for a quick start guide.
A very basic question I have is…can we just use any (Smart) TV as a display? I’m considering a Philips 55PUS6101.
Any advice from you is highly appreciated.

Will there be a need to have a PC connected to each display, or can we stream towards a Wifi/ UTP connected TV?

Thank you in advance.

Kind regards,

You will need either Windows or Android device with corresponding Xibo player installed on it, then connect that device to a screen/monitor/tv to display the content.

You will also need the CMS to create content / schedule / manage displays etc.
CMS can be hosted on your own web server, alternatively you can use paid hosting, Spring Signage (Xibo project sponsors) also offer hosting with pre configured CMS and support.