Question re widgetFromDt when posting a media file to the library via APIs

How are the widgetFromDt and widgetToDt values used for media in the library in a dynamic playlist (e.g. tag-based filtering)? Will these values determine when the playlist will include the media files in the layout(s) that the dynamic playlist is assigned?

I misclassified this a Get Help but should probably go in the Development category since it is API related.

I have a dynamic playlist with filters on media to include in the playlist. I have a layout for the playlist that is scheduled to continuously run. The goal is to leverage the API to post new content to the media library with widgetFromDt and widgetToDt values. I have deleteOnExpiry set to 1 which should delete the media based on the expires date value (same as widgetToDt value). I also have updateInLayouts set to 1, but it appears that this is only necessary if I’m replacing an existing media file by using a valid oldMediaId value.

However, the dynamic playlist appears to disregard the values of widgetFromDt and widgetToDt and starts playing the media shortly after it has posted to the library.

Am I misinterpreting the intent of widgetFromDt and widgetToDt or is there a support issue to be logged?

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