Question on recurring events....?

So I’m on 1.7.9 and am trying to set up a scheduling blocks system where you have 5 campaigns consisting of 15 different slides playing every hour, and in between those slides, have a series of events that play through the day. For instance, we have Campaign 1 play between 1pm-2pm, Campaign 2 play between 2pm-3pm, etc. until you repeat starting at Campaign 1 again.

I tried creating this using recurring events, but my question is, can you play events you’ve set during the whole day to play in between recurring events? For example, if Campaign 1 plays between 1pm-2pm, will the events play after Campaign 1 finishes it run? (Campaigns only lasts about 2 minutes). I understand that recurring events repeat, but do they repeat continuosly for the hour I set it or do they let other events play after? If so, is there a way to have the events play after recurring events? Thank you and I’d appreciate any help!

Thank you for your message. When you create an Event for a Campaign to display at a specified time, for example 1pm-2pm, the Campaign will display all Layouts within it in order until it reaches the end of the Playlist. If the Campaign finishes before the time period, it will start again and continue to repeat the Campaign until the time period ends, when the Event ends.

In your message you asked: Can you play events you’ve set during the whole day to play in between recurring events? If you have created Events to display at certain times of the day and you have also set a Layout to display Always, the Display Order and Priority options can be used to set how those Layouts will play when technically due to do so at the same time.

For example, you could set the Campaigns and all day Layout to have the same Priority number but set the Display order to 1 for the Campaign and 2 for the Always Layout. This means that when it is 1pm-2pm, the Campaign will display followed by the Always Layout. This will repeat until it is 2pm, at which point the next Campaign Event will show.

If this is not quite what you are trying to achieve, please confirm exactly how you would like your Events to appear and I will see if I can recommend a achedule for you.

Many Thanks.