Question about Library Files and Locations

CMS Version

Version 2.3.9

Installation Method


Operating System

Windows 10 Pro x64


Hi there,

Just got my Xibo instance up and running and had a question about the library. Just need a sanity check :slight_smile:

I’m setting up the CMS and the player on the same machine. I saw in another thread that the files will be duplicated since one needs to live in the CMS and then the player will download it’s own copy, which is fine.

What I’m wondering is this - Is there a THIRD copy of the files since they are living on the same hard drive as the CMS and Player in a separate folder that I’m importing to? If that’s the case, should I have my library set up differently so that the files are only in two spots (in the library and then the player cache?)

I hope this makes sense.

Ryan Dillis

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