Pull info from Dataset on a embedded code

Can someone tell me whether it is possible to pull data from dataset within embedded HTML (or even by using Javascript)? If not, I think it would be a interesting feature to be implemented as it should allow to create dynamic local pages with ease.



The Dataset View and Ticker modules effectively do that - allow you to build an HTML page with the data from the dataset used inside that.

Those are then sent to the Players on demand.

There’s no scope to embed that in an external webpage though as access to a dataset requires authentication.

Hi, Alex

I see your point, but, If i’m not wrong, Dataset View and Ticker do allow to perform customization by using CSS but do not allow Javascript/Jquery. Am I right? If those resources allowed JS, It would be possible to build really powerful dynamics layouts in Xibo CMS without need to host an external web page. For instance, it would highlight or hide a data based on their value.

Do you think that js in dataset view/ticker would be a plausible feature?

Thank you!

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Both the Data Set widget, and the Ticker widget have a space for you to embed your own javascript in the Advanced tab? And jquery will already be loaded there as it comes as part of the default Xibo widget setup.

I’m not sure what functionality you’re missing? Perhaps you’re running an old version so aren’t seeing the options?

Hi @alex,

I thought that field was only for when no data were returned from the server. My fault. Now your information makes sense for me, forget about my request on this thread.

It will increase a lot the quality of my layouts, I´m going to start using it right now.

Appreciate your support.