Proxy not working in CMS 2.2.2

Hello, i need someone how can ceck the proxy implementation in Xibo CMS 2.2.2.
i installed it on XAMPP with a windows client on a seperate machine.

now i tested the Darksky weather module together with an api key.

since i am behind a proxy i need to get the proxy information filled in under
Settings → Network
but this wont work as the log states: unsupported syntax:

i think the correct syntax should look like http://user:password@your-proxy-ip-address:port/ regarding curl documentation

when i enter the complete string into the proxy-url


it is working as expected.

good morning masterbug !!
where says Proxy URL (, there you put the proxy address.
where Proxy Port says (8080), there you put the port
where Proxy Credentials says (user:password), there you put your proxy credentials

then you save the changes It would have to work for you.
Hope this can help you.

written with google translator.

thank you for the reply,

i did it like you described and it throws me the mentioned error.

can you confirm it is working for you? behing a proxy?


I have it configured that way on my xibo server.
xibo server installed on Centos 7

i may be wrong, thats why i want someone who can check it for me.
are you using the version 2.2.2?

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