Proplem with client player

hello every one hope you fine …
cuold someone help me please i have a proplem at my xibo display i did installed all requiments of xibo on seviral server and i made an a layout but it dosnt appar on display

i mean the main screan display i can do previwe ,so …?

We might need more details.

Perhaps a screenshot of status window on your device.

Is there any reason as of why you installed old 1.6 series and not current 1.7.9 CMS?

beacuse i did install the newest one 1.7.9 and its told that your server version (ubntu server 14.4) dosnt match with this server version so forced me to install CMS version 1.6.1 !

so what do you advance me to do now

Xibo 1.7.9 will definitely install on Ubuntu 1.7.9.

Nothing will tell you the server version isn’t compatible.

What might is if you try and run an old Player version (ie one compatible with your 1.6 series CMS) with the newer version of the CMS. You need to ensure you run the 1.7.9 Player as well.

so what i understad now thats i must install agein ubuntu server 16.10 and CMS 1.7.9 the qustion is are you sure its will be compatible ?

Ubuntu server 16.04 and later are NOT compatible as they come with PHP7 by default.

Ubuntu 14.04 will work fine. You simply need to install Xibo, not the complete server OS.

well am already install ubuntu server 14.04 on seviral divace and i installed CMS 1.6.1 when i want to make schedule and select the layout with display after that nothing happeaed and i dont know what should i do .becuse i did install the newest version of CMS and says dosnt match with !

CMS 1.6.1 is very old and no longer supported.

If you’re doing a new installation, you need to use CMS 1.7.9 and the Windows or Android Player that match it.

ie, you need to install CMS and Xibo for Windows 1.7.9 -

That player you have there is also old 1.6 version that’s why it didn’t work with 1.7.9 CMS.

Yes that’s correct.

You need to install CMS version 1.7.9 as well as 1.7.9 Player. You cannot mix and match versions.

CMS version 1.7.9 will work fine on Ubuntu 14.04 Server.

ok but where should i install it on windous opration or on ubuntu server , and how, can you expline to me please

You should install 1.7.9 CMS on your Ubuntu server - in exactly the same way as you installed 1.6.1 CMS.

Infact you could upgrade your 1.6.1 CMS to 1.7.9 by following the instructions in the release notes.

Ok Bro I’ll install it and give you feedback .anyways thank you to spend
time in which order could support me …

a new proplem so when i want to install Mcrypt Extension server tell me that you are faild to create symbolic link/etc/php5/cli/conf.d/20-mcrypt.ini :file exists

So new proplem when I want to install cms

Did you try what I suggested on your other thread?

how could i do it expline to me more please iam new xibo user