Proof of Play - No data available in table

I have some problems with Proof of Play. It shows, that there are no data available.

  • CMS: 1.8.11
  • Android Client: 1.8 (108)
  • Display Settings Profile has Stats Reporting enabled
  • Display overview shows current running layout (means, display is reporting back what is currently running)

Any ideas?

It will take a few hours in some cases from enabling proof of play to results coming back.

It’s worth noting that only “complete” records are returned, so if you have layouts with very long durations, you won’t get any results until the layout has run completely once.

Hi Alex,
we’re waiting since several days. Nothing visible in the Proof of Play section so far.
We have a campaign scheduled to a display group. The campaign has a length of currently 256 seconds (according to xibo). Campaign is running in an always on loop. Layouts in capaign a pretty straight forward “just show an image”. I can not see, that a layout is interrupted during play. Looks like good conditions but nevertheless no proof of play but I can see which layout is currently running.

Same issue with V2.2.1 … I can export the reports to .csv… shows up all reports but can not display in the table… though i can see that there are several pages but the content shows No data available in table

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