Proof of play for Looping video?


I need clarification.

How does proof of play works for media and for layout in this configuration:

CMS ver. 2.1.0 beta IIS windows server 2012

XMR works.

Proof of play is set everywhere (in settings and in Display profiles) to collect hourly for media and layout.

My layout is a single video VP9 codec 15 seconds long.

Video widget is set to: duration 7200 seconds, Aspect, Loop if video ends before provided duration.


Is “Proof of play” being sent to CMS every hour or every 7200 seconds in this case?
How Can I manually tell my player to send proof of play right now? (Something like collect now command)

Right now it is 13:37. And in the proof of play for my media in “Last Shown” column it is 5:27. And I do not see any proof of play being sent any more.

XMR works ok. Says connected in the player. Also I can see it by taking screenshots.

Thank you.

As of yet, Players do not currently support hourly aggregation, but assuming they did, then they would send data once per hour. The Players would aggregate locally until they had an hours worth of data.

There is no way to force Players to ‘collect now’.

We would advise that you turn off the aggregation until it is supported in the Player.

Thank you


I didn’t know that.

Will you have this feature enabled in 2.1 release?

It will be added to Players as they get released.