Problems with Scheduling


I’m trying to update some presentations on different monitors. I can’t reproduce them on several of these monitors and I think it is due to a failure of the agenda.

The events are not shown to me in the calendar.
I have seen that in another post that there is a “bug” that prevents you from seeing events scheduled for more than 1 month band I need to delete them from the agenda.
Also my agenda is trying to charge the presentations during more than a minute (:gear:) and then or doesn’t show me any presentation or only let me see the tests with 24h presentations and in some of the screens (I have verified that it has worked and I am able to see them in the agenda).

The problem is that in some screens I can’t see the presentations of 24h duration and also that I’m using dayparting presentations that are all days repeating and therefore I can not see in the calendar and the changes on the screen are not applied.

  • Different presentations of 2/3h or 48h and nothing shown

I hope I have explained myself well… :sweat_smile:

Are you certain that the event were scheduled to the display which you have selected on the Schedule page?
It will show you only events for the selected display(s).

What CMS version are you using please? Is it custom installation or docker?

perhaps also, what’s your date format in CMS settings -> Regional?