Problems with Powerpoint show

Hey everybody,
we are using Xibo 1.8.1 on a Windows platform.
Our signage systems are clients with Windows 7 Professional and Office 2010 SP2.
We found out, that it seems to be not possible to display more than two powerpoint slides.
Xibo slides to the second one and stays there for a few seconds and then restart and begin again.
So if we would like to have three or four slides we could only use regions and divide the existing powerpoint show in two or more shows. That is not really usable for us.
We already use the Xibo Tutorial to prepare a powerpoint show for xibo but that is not the solution for this issue.

So what about other users? Do they got the same issue? Is it maybe a bug in this version?

At this time we use “Save as movie” to solve this issue and it works fine.
But we would like to have more opportuinites and a fall back if there are any reasons with movies (you know, windows are already like a box of chocolate, you never know…)

Thanks in advance.



That’s rather odd.

What duration did you set for your powerpoint item?

Are there any errors on player status window regarding it?

that sounds like a solution.
Till now I don´t use a specific duration.
The standard seems to be 10 seconds, which could be exactly my 2 slides.
At this time we are in a important meeting, so I could not have a check.
I will check it on monday and give you a feedback for it.

There are no errors in status.

Thank you for your thoughts, I will come back to you.


Hey Peter,
the duration seems not be the problem.
I found following solution:
You have to assign the layout to a display or a group for several hours.
Until now it works without assignment, but with assignment it seems to be better.

Thank you for your help.