Problems with local video in Xibo for Windows


I’m trying to schedule a video that is in a server (this one exactly, in a Xibo for Windows Signage Player and it doesn’t work. It give me the following message:
Unable to start new localvideo object: No se puede encontrar el archivo especificado.
Can someone help me please?

Thank you

LocalVideo on Windows will only play content local to the Player machine (ie on the local filesystem, or on a mapped network drive). It cannot play remote video streams or files on remote webservers.

I tried with the Embedded option but Xibo for Windows open the windows media player and it doesn’t work well, so, how can I play videos from remote webservers?

I tried playing a rtsp video in local video option too and it doesn’t work.

Can you put an example of how to put the video path with local video option in ubuntu, please? I put home/user/Downloads/video.mp4 (this is the path of my video) and it doesn’t work.

Thank you.

Xibo for Windows doesn’t support playing remote videos as I said in my previous reply, including RTSP. You can probably do it with an Embedded media type using a video HTML tag, assuming that the video is in a codec that the browser can play, however it will download that video every time the video is played, using lots of bandwidth, and possibly failing. Your videos should be uploaded in to Xibo, and then they are cached at the Player so they are only downloaded once.

RTSP and remote videos are supported in Android only.

There is no currently supported Player for Ubuntu.

ok, i have imagined but thank you for your confirmation.