Problems with "Display´s Hardware Key"


I have a Problem regarding the “Display´s Hardware key”.

We´re planning to roll out some PCs with preinstalled OS with a Master Image, taken from a ready configured machine. The OS contains the xibo-client with all needed data such as cms-ip and key.

Unfortunately the “Display´s Hardware key”, whih is created automaticly by xibo Software, is identical on every machine. So the cms can not keep apart the different machines.

I´ve tried to deinstall xiboplayer and also delete the c:\users\me\appdata\roaming\xiboclient.config.xml where the key seems to be stored in.
At the next install of xibo, the same file with identical key is beeing created - on ever machine.

Could somebody tell me, who to create a new key!?

I´ve changed the hardwarekey in xibo-settings. Problem solved :slight_smile: