Problems with connecting display

I am using the Xibo 2 months ago and I’m having some problems.
1 - Not really shows whether the system turned on TV is connected.
I’m putting a print of my system illustrating this.
2 - has no way to reset the machine by the system.
Can anyone direct me to a module to do this?
Sorry for the bad English, I am Brazilian.


Well it does show when your devices are logged in and when they last time checked with CMS for updates etc.
You have “X” there but notice that all of those devices last access is few days or even month ago, so it seems they are not currently logged in.

You can also request a screenshot, if the device is connected and has access to the CMS it should send the screenshot of it’s display to the CMS. (on displays page, click filter and change ‘view’ to ’ screen shot thumbnails’)

As for remote restart:

For Windows clients you can also use shell commands (but with Windows commands of course)
Or TeamViewer etc. to access your PC remotely.

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Is there any module for me to purchase and install in my Xibo to display real-time connection status of devices?

In 1.8 you will be able to request that all Displays “connect now” and use that information to determine which ones are connected to the network and which ones are not.

The display you currently have is pretty accurate though - if you have a collection interval of 5 minutes and a display has not connected within a 5 minute period you can be pretty sure that it has some network connection issues.