Problems after upgrading to 1.7.7

I’m a new user of Xibo CMS. My questions are maybe easy to fix but I tried my best to fix them before writing here…

I’ve installed version 1.7.6 a few weeks ago and everything was working fine.

I followed the instructions to upgrade to 1.7.7 and since, I have some problems (that worked well in 1.7.6) with the CMS:

Schedule Page:

  • When I try to configure a “Repeats” on a event, I always have an error “Could not INSERT a new Schedule” and I cannot save the event. So can’t use “Repeats” function anymore.

  • Also: I always have to refresh the schedule page manually after making a change to see the modifications… No auto-refresh anymore…

Embedded fonts:

  • All my embedded fonts have disappeared from the dropdown in the “edit text” window. I only have the default fonts. I tried to “edit and save” the font file but nothing changed…

I’ve started a new installation of 1.7.7 in localhost but I have the same behaviors…

Am I the only one with these problems?!


Please clear the cache and cookies on your browser. Also please user the “Verify All” option on the modules page. Log out of the CMS and back in.

Looks to me like the repeat issue is a bug. I’ll have a better look here and verify that.

Fonts may get wiped out on upgrade. All you need to do is edit one of your uploaded fonts from the library and then click on save. That will rebuild the font list in the CMS and should get things back to where they were for you.

It’s not a bug. It’s just not a very helpful error message.

1.7.7 checks that you don’t make the classic mistake of trying to schedule repeats that overlap (and hence go in to like a feedback loop).

You need to ensure that the repeats you define won’t overlap.

So for example, you could schedule:
Start: Today, 08:00
Finish: Today, 09:00
Repeat: Daily
Every: 1
Until: 31/04/2016

And that will be fine, since you’re creating one event each day - ie Today 08:00-09:00, tomorrow 08:00-0900 etc

It won’t allow you to create

Start: Today, 08:00
Finish: 31/04/2016, 09:00
Repeat: Daily
Every: 1
Until: 31/04/2016, 09:00

As that schedule makes no sense. It would cause an event like Today 08:00 - 31/04/2016 09:00, Tomorrow 08:00 - 01/05/2016 09:00, Friday 08:00 - 02/05/2016 09:00

Which would mean that by the 31st of the month you’d have 15 or so concurrent identical schedules - which is why we prevent that from being created now.

I’ve logged an enhancement request for this here:

Thanks for the quick response.

Embedded font:
cslaughter was right. After clearing my browser cache, got my fonts back in the dropdown. But still not in the player…

I tested to set the dates like you said and it looks that it works.

But its not clear to me how to configure it right…

Lets say that I want one layout (a video - runtime: 30 secs) to run like 1x/30 minutes…

Do I set it like this?

Start: Today, 08:00
Finish: Today, 08:01
Repeat: Per minute
Every: 30
Until: 31/04/2016


And if I mark it as “Priority”. It just loops on and on… It doesn’t respect the repeat settings… Am I right?!

By the way, I use the french version of the CMS and the “Dashboard” title (top-left corner) in french breaks on 2 lines…

The CSS style for that title is:

ul.sidebar .sidebar-main a {
font-size: 18px;
line-height: 60px;

–> a line-height of 60px is maybe a little too much when a line break, so it looks kind of funny :wink:

You could do that. It’s alot of work for the Player and the CMS to do that. To configure a repeat, you define the first instance of it (so as you say Today, 08:00 to 08:01) and then you define how often it repeats - every 30 minutes - and then finally when the repeats should stop. So your example is fine.

Generally you would schedule your layout with the 30 second video on it along with the other things you want to show when the video isn’t running, and then it will be shown in fair rotation.

Layout 1 - duration 10 minutes
Layout 2 - duration 10 minutes
Layout 3 - duration 10 minutes
Layout 4 - video 30 seconds

The Player will then just show layout 1-4 over and over and your video appears in practice once every 30 minutes.

No. Priority means during that schedule window, that layout has priority over any other non-priority schedule. It will play at the start of the priority window kicking anything else off the screen - finished or not - and will play until it’s completed.

As I said, you need to regenerate the font cache by editing one of your uploaded fonts, and then saving it. Literally edit it, and save. Make no changes on the edit form at all. Next time the Player collects after that it will pickup the font styles.

If it doesn’t clear the Player cache by editing the Display on the Displays page and saving it - again make no changes during the edit.