Problème Xibo Xamp


Je n’arrive pas à faire fonctionner la dernière veersion de Xibo (1.8.1) sur mon Xamp installé sur Windows 7. Le localhost n’affiche aucune installtion possible de Xibo.

Merci d’avance !

(English : I have blank page when i’m going on localhost/xibo/ … why ? I’m using XAMPP on Windows 7)

Please have a look here (notes for your server environment)

Make sure that your server environment meets the requirements and that you made appropriate changes, especially to the document root.

Then please carefully follow installation instructions here

If you’re able to install docker environment and then Xibo on it, then that would be recommended, if not please proceed with custom/manual installation notes provided earlier in this post.

Thank’s, the server is working ! :slight_smile: