Problemas en la version Versión 3.1.1

Hola actualice hace poco el cms a la version 3.1.1 y no me funciona bien el programa, cuando hago una diapositiva, no se visualizan los textos, ni el widgets del reloj. etc.
a que puede deverse.

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Hello and welcome to the community.

Please try clicking the Verify All button on the Modules page and then clear your cache.

If you are still experiencing issues after trying that, then please do come back to us with further details regarding your set-up, what version you have upgraded from etc.

hola lo he intendado, y me dice que los modulos estan bien, pero sale en la columna de bibilioteca de medios con una x

So the first column ‘Library Media’, a tick is showing if that particular widget is available from your Library, so everything file based, Powerpoint, Videos, Images etc. So you would expect to see a X for all Widgets that are not file based, Text, Clock, Ticker etc so your screenshot is correct in what it is showing in that regard.

So first I would make sure you have hit the ‘Verify All’ button at the top of this page and clear you browser cache as a first step. Then if you could try and create the Layout and add the widgets you want to use and give us the steps you take so we can better understand what the issue could be.

ok, ya esta solucionado muchas gracias.

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Al final tuve que hacer las diapositivas nuevas, ya que las que tenía hechas, por lo que fuese no las admitía, y al hacerlas todas nuevas funcionaron a la perfección

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