Problem with Xibo player - index out of range

I test the xibo player (1.8R5) on ubuntu 18.04 and the configuration is OK.
The screen is activate in xibo console but on the terminal of the player i have this error.
does anyone have a solution ?
{argument index out of range}

For information i have 0.7 for XMR and 1.8.13 for CMS

I have the same problem.
Did you solve your problem?
Do you have a solution?

Reproduced on:
Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS
xibo-player 1.8-R5 50 latest/stable
xibo-player 1.8-R5 104 latest/beta
xibo-player 1.8-R5 106 latest/edge

No i don’t solve my problem

i got the same message on a fresh install, ubuntu 18.04 with xibo-player 1.8-R5 laster stable and xibo-player 1.8-R6 108 latest/candidate.
I resolve the problem with a Reconfigure the XMR for this player.

Thanks for that input - does the solve the issue for the two previous posters? If yes, please let me know and I’ll create a bug report for it.

this problem was resolve for me

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I got the same error with linux player on clean and updated install of lubuntu and xibo-player 1.8-R6 108 latest/candidate. xibo cms 2.3.8.

Can you post details or screenshot of how you reconfigured the XMR for this player to resolve?

Hi, you just need to go in the player configuration on the xibo web interface :
Player =>Action (on the right) and Edits => Advanced =>Tick the box " Reconfigure XMR"
Restart the player

Hi, sry for my delay i didn’t see your answer.
What do you mean by “does the solve the issue for the two previsou posters?”

Found it under xibo admin web interface: Display => Edits => Advanced =>Tick the box " Reconfigure XMR"

Client: restart the xibo player

Still errors “{argument index out of range}” on the linux player and does not download or play any content.
Windows players connected to same xibo server play content ok.

Any other location of logs we can check either from the linux xibo player or xibo server to help troubleshoot the error?

Do linux xibo players need to be configured differently on the xibo server Display Settings?

Also have installed the linux xibo player via snap. Does the latest XMR version 0.8 for the linux client also need to be installed separately? if so whats the command line to install.

Maybe you could delete the content folder in your xibo client and restart it.
There is some month there were a problem with linux profil and we need to custom it, i don’t know if it’s repair now but you can custom your linux profil in your cms (Players profils => Linux => Edits=> Localisation=> and spécifie your width and height)

Tried that and it does change the screen res on the Linux Client player, but Same contiously looping error. Never downloads anything.

Here is the debut error when I launch from terminal:

signage@ICSvm:~$ xibo-player
[15:04:08.153] [8166] [error]: [DBus] ScreenSaver wont’be suspended: org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.ServiceUnknown

(player:8166): Gtk-WARNING **: 15:04:08.194: Theme parsing error: gtk.css:1566:23: ‘font-feature-settings’ is not a valid property name

(player:8166): Gtk-WARNING **: 15:04:08.201: Theme parsing error: gtk.css:3616:25: ‘font-feature-settings’ is not a valid property name

(player:8166): Gtk-WARNING **: 15:04:08.203: Theme parsing error: gtk.css:4078:23: ‘font-feature-settings’ is not a valid property name
[15:04:08.304] [8166] [debug]: [CollectionInterval] Interval updated to 60 seconds
[15:04:08.793] [8178] [debug]: [CollectionInterval] Started

** (player:8166): WARNING **: 15:04:08.821: AT-SPI: Could not obtain desktop path or name

** (player:8166): WARNING **: 15:04:08.824: *tk-bridge: GetRegisteredEvents returned message with unknown signature

** (player:8166): WARNING **: 15:04:08.825: atk-bridge: get_device_events_reply: unknown signature

** (player:8166): WARNING **: 15:04:08.826: atk-bridge: get_device_events_reply: unknown signature
[15:04:09.042] [8178] [debug]: [XMDS::RegisterDisplay] Success
[15:04:09.493] [8178] [debug]: [XMDS::Schedule] Received
[15:04:09.493] [8178] [debug]: [XMDS::RequiredFiles] Received
*[ LOG ERROR #0001 **] [2021-01-16 :04:09] ogger] {argument index out of range}
[15:04:09.883] [8178] [debug]: [XMDS::MediaInventory] Submitted
[15:04:10.129] [8178] [debug]: [XMDS::SubmitLogs] Submitted
[15:04:10.129] [8178] [debug]: [CollectionInterval] Finished. Next collection will start in 60 seconds
[15:05:10.130] [8233] [debug]: [CollectionInterval] Started
[15:05:10.414] [8233] [debug]: [XMDS::RegisterDisplay] Success
[15:05:10.855] [8233] [debug]: [XMDS::Schedule] Received
[15:05:10.856] [8233] [debug]: [XMDS::RequiredFiles] Received
LOG ERROR #0047 *] [2021-01-16 15:05:10] [logger] {argument index out of range}

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