Problem with weekly layout schedule

Hello community,

Well, I’ve been using these versions of xibo for a long time in the simple method of programming layouts, where I schedule a start and an end for the media. But I need to make appointments in the weekly schedule where each day of the week it links certain media
And then it’s giving problems, at some times of the day, Xibo freezes on the home screen and the following error appears:

[xxx.mp4] Unsupported Video. What=1 Extra=-2147483648.

I remember that it works normally and suddenly it stops and accuses this error, I changed equipment (tvbox) media format, I created new layouts and the error persisted.

Version xibo server 1.8.3
Version xibo player 1.8 R107

I look forward to

maybe its a codec video problem… try to use the software Handbrake (or similar) to change the video codec to H263 or H264 (to mp4 files), then test in your TV Box these two videos with a different codec and see what happens

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I will test it, but it’s strange because it works most of the time, if it was a codec it would never work right?

At some times of the day it stops and only comes back when the device is restarted.

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