Problem with Schedule Need to Refresh IE 11

I installed CMS 1.8.1 on a REDHAT 7.3. All works well, the only problem is that the Schedulene does not work well. IE must be refreshed to have the add-ons. When I delete a schedule period I have an Object NOT Found message. But I refresh the object disappears.

I use IE 11 updated under Windows 10.
CMS 1.8.1 on REDHAT 7.3

I changed the settings of IE as in the following link. But it seems that it does not fix my problem. I have to click on F5 to update the Schedule.

Thank you!

I believe it did work for me with that change, is the schedule page the only one affected by it or do you need to refresh other pages after making changes as well?

Hi Peter!
There is another page that I have to update. is random. Sometimes for the addition in the schedule. Sometimes in other menus

I see, since we have this bug logged, we will look into this, to make sure it works better in all browsers in the future.

Could you please confirm for me that in chrome for example you don’t need to manually refresh pages in CMS?

Even with Chrome I have a bug. When I click Save I do not have the Green message to confirm the change. I click Cancel and then F5 and it works.

If I delete my display I have the following message:

I refresh F5 au the event is deleated from Scheule.


Hello, I upgraded to 1.8.2. the Refresh problem still persists with all browsers. also when I use the option Schedule Now from the Layout Menu options when I click Save it turns round but the addition is done on the Schedule. you have to do a manual refresh to remove the window from Schdule Now. can anyone know the cause? in IE 11 I change the parameters as suggest

Thank you!