Problem with Python Client & RSS Ticker

I’m using Xibo Server 1.6.3 and Python Client 1.6.0-rc2. I currently have an issue where a RSS Ticket, configured to display in a region at the bottom of the page, doesn’t seem to display at all. I’ve seen this question a few times, but none of the answers seem to fit my particular issue. As with some of the other folks who have asked, it works fine in the Layout Preview on the server side, but not on the client. Here are a few details:

The feed I’m pulling in is ""
Neither the client, nor the server, go through a proxy server, and both client and server have access to the URL above.
I’m running server 1.6.3, client 1.6.0-rc2
Client is running on Ubuntu 12.04 32-bit
Other “stuff” in the layout displays correctly - image banner across the top, clock in the upper-right, etc.
There is one other RSS feed image (weather feed that displays as an image) that seems to come and go - shows up sometimes, does not show up other times.
I do have a log file verbosity 5 that I will attach and/or post.

Log file here:

I don’t see anything obvious in the log.

Can you capture one of the temporary HTML files from the client library and see if that looks sensible?

I also actually have a feeling you might need 1.6.4 CMS to work with that client. It’s old stable so it’s been ages since I looked at it properly.

Actually on a second look there’s a few:
Unable to load Resource from XMDS.

That could be related. If possible could you try against a 1.6.4 CMS. If you don’t want to upgrade yours then you can provision a demo account over at Spring Signage with a 1.6.4 CMS installation free of charge: